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About Us​

Boys’ Entrance is a 21st Century Glam Rock band. As the first "queer boy rock band in Chicago" (Chicago Out and Proud, Surrey Press), we have been at the forefront of the gay rights struggle in the U.S. since 1991. While we are political by nature, we also​ pride ourselves creating unique and provocative music. While we command an impressive gay fan base, we have developed an enthusiastic straight following too. (We have been a Top Ten ranked band in Central Florida for more than a year.)

Tim Cain, an OMA (OutMusic) Award winning singer songwriter, initially founded our band. His unique blend of synth, glam and homocore music has been rocking the music industry resulting in two "Rock Single of the Week" reviews in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE. Our one-of-a-kind blend of influences such as Bowie, T Rex, Eno, The Ramones, Kratwerk, The Pixies and Zeppelin have earned us an international reputation for political and artistic confrontation and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

May 2016, we celebrated our 25th Anniversary by releasing our ROCK OPERA, "TUNNELVISION" on CD and digitally worlwide. Our song, "Give 'Em Hope" was performed by the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus at the Spring program, "My Kind of Town". And Boys' Entrance played a benefit in Chicago for Bear Radio. At that show Tim Cain and Billy Ramsey were joined by original BE rhythm​ guitarist Mike Ferro, and drummer Larry Beers. For the last two songs in our set we were joined by lead guitarist Glass (Ed Bock), drummer Jeff Wilson- veterans of the first BE recordings from 1991- 1993. It was a great homecoming and wonderful to bring so many surviving Boys back together.

Check us out on ReverbNation. Buy us at CD Baby!

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