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The critics love Boys' Entrance!

" Very energetic/faithful versions and doing DB proud, I'd say!"- Chris O'Leary David Bowie Biographer


Tim Cain made the cover of The Windy City Times! Vol. 31, No. 34, May 18, 2016 edition. There is an excellent interview by Jerry Nunn at the link.

"Brewing an Eno-esque electro-melody with jittery guitars and confrontational lyrics, the band playfully flirts '80s new wave nostalgia while taking a large musical step forward. A deliciously experimental album." Larry Flick, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

"Cain's tenor has a crackling intensity that leaves you wanting to hear more." Larry Flick, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

"...melding classic glam-rock ala Roxy Music, Brian Eno, and T-Rex with more updated alternative and techno flavorings and sharp, funny, politically barbed lyrics." Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun Times

"B.E. have found a sound that falls somewhere between Eno, Devo, and Nine Inch Nails with self-described 'synth-glam homocore' lyrics and attitude. This is a very good listen." Alternative Press

"On the "Queer Punk Folder", their third album, Boys' Entrance takes listeners back to punk's glory days, when grinding guitars backed screechy vocals while cheesy keyboards whirred. Lyrics are half the fun on the Queer Punk Folder. The album brims with same-sex odes to frustration and longing." Ernie Glam, The Village Voice

"Tim Cain's music is mesmerizing in it's execution. He's managed to craft a sound that elevates each piece to high art, much the same way Jimmy Page turned raw Led Zepplin tracks into sheer audio poetry." Will Grega, Outsounds

"This is synthpop at its best, indulgent and approachable at the same time. Highly recommended." Daniel Jenkins, Outvoice

"...gets down to raw bones and nerves without flinching. "Core" hits a tender spot of self-loathing that's so rampant in the gay community that it is almost cliche', & Cain articulates it with such candor and nakedness that it is almost frightening." Windy City Times

"They sound like David Bowie at his most flamboyant." The Illinois Entertainer

​"Boys' Entrance combines techno-pop, grunge rock, and dance floor rhythms- shrouded in a fog of gothic gloom- made imperative by the plague of the 20th century. Musical soundtracks for an illusory environment." Commonground Arts, WLUW Radio

"It sounds like T-Rex meets Bauhaus", Chris Freeman, Bassist of Pansy Division

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